Peter Saulson

Photo: Martin A. Pomerantz '37 Professor, PhysicsPeter Saulson is the Martin A. Pomerantz ’37 Professor of Physics at Syracuse University.

Saulson is co-founder of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, an international community of 1,000 scientists, engineers, and students, of which Syracuse is a member. His job is to assess the authenticity of LIGO signals. He also is among the first to propose that neutron star binaries—extremely small, dense stars, born from the deaths of larger stars—are a dominant source of gravitational waves. His first Ph.D. student at Syracuse was Gabriela Gonzalez G’95, spokesperson for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, a position he used to hold.

His research interests include: Gravitational wave detection strategies, heuristics of gravitational wave detectors, thermal noise in mechanical experiments, and internal friction in materials.