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Research Clusters Accelerate the Impact of Emerging Technologies

With innovative new faculty and intensified research activity, Syracuse University’s ten academic research clusters are poised to make a transformational scientific, environmental and social impact. Each cluster involves multiple scholars in at least two of the University’s schools or colleges based on shared interdisciplinary research interests. Emerging technologies are a focus of several research clusters—including Quantum Information Science and Virtual and Immersive Interactions—where scholars are collaborating to realize the potential of new tools in rapidly evolving fields. Read more.

Advancing Understanding of the Link Between Pain and Nicotine Consumption

It is extremely rare for a pre-doctoral student to receive recognition and funding from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). That’s why Syracuse University psychology professor Joseph W. Ditre is so incredibly proud of doctoral candidate Jessica M. Powers, who recently received NIH/NIDA funding to support her research into the relationship between pain and use/co-use of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. Read more.

Undergraduate Research Grants Open New Opportunities for Students

Students interested in research funding for the spring 2022 semester are invited to apply for SOURCE and Honors Program grants this fall. This cycle includes application to the Spinoza Grant, which supports undergraduate research that explores philosophical aspects of issues within the sciences or other professional disciplines. Read more.

Graduate School Providing One-Time Funding to Support Grad Students Facing COVID-Related Delays

Syracuse University is providing $1.5 million in additional funding for graduate students whose work has been directly impacted by the pandemic. The funding takes several different forms. The summer dissertation fellowship program, normally awarded to 30 students who are close to completing their dissertation, will be doubled to include 60 awards in summer 2022. In addition, supplemental funding will be soon made available to select faculty who funded students on grants during a time when the students couldn’t be fully engaged in research because of COVID. The funds will go to support graduate student research assistantships for the current academic year. Read more.

Arts and Sciences Professor Instrumental in the Rediscovery of Lost Painting

Syracuse University Distinguished Professor of Art History Wayne Franits was one of the first people in more than three centuries to see a painting by 17th-century Dutch artist Hendrick ter Brugghen that was presumed to have been lost to the ages. The painting, “Roman Charity,” was last recorded publicly in 1692. But in February 2019, an art dealer in Italy contacted Franits informing him that they had come across a painting believed to be by ter Brugghen. Read more.