2021 Brain Research Foundation Seed Grant Program

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Program Announcement: https://www.thebrf.org/seed-grants/
Number of internal nominees: 1
Internal Submission Due Date: November 19, 2020, 5:00 PM
Sponsor Deadline: January 5, 2021

A Limited Submission Opportunity (LSO) is a funding opportunity in which the sponsor sets an institutional limit for the number of proposals it will accept. In order to participate in an LSO, Syracuse University must organize to submit our most competitive proposal(s). This requires an internal competition and institutional peer review.

Synopsis of the Program

The purpose of Brain Research Foundation’s Annual Seed Grant Program is to provide start-up monies for new research projects in the field of neuroscience that will likely lead to extramural funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or other outside funding sources. The objective of the Program is to support new and innovative projects, especially those of junior faculty, who are working in new research directions. BRF Seed Grant awards are not intended to supplement existing grants.


  • Full-time Assistant or Associate Professors, working in the area of studies of neuroscience.
  • PI is ineligible if they are a research assistant professor or research associate professor.
  • The grant proposal must detail a new research project that is not funded by other sources.
  • BRF Seed Grant is not intended to serve as bridge funding between grants.

Funding and award period

Each total grant is limited to $80,000 (direct costs) for a two year grant period. The first grant payment
of $40,000 will be made upon completion of the Seed Grant Acceptance Form (June 2021). The final
payment of $40,000 will be made contingent upon receipt of a preliminary progress and financial report
(June 2022). Funds must be utilized within the grant period.

100% of these BRF Seed Grant funds must be utilized for direct costs.

Application Materials

Applicants must submit a 2-page project description, a list of current grants, and a biographical sketch.

Project Description

This upload is limited to a maximum of 2 single-spaced pages (10-point font with one-inch margins) plus optional 1 page of references. Provide a summary of program project. Include closing paragraph that explains how this research will develop (next steps).Projects should be both innovative and likely to lead to successful grant applications to NIH and other public and private funding entities.

ASSISTANT PROFESSORS (first priority of grant): Must describe a new research project that will generate pilot data that will lead to R01 funding or a comparable outside grant.

ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS: Must explain how the project is a new research direction. A new technique is not considered a new direction unless it pertains to a different area of study.

Current Grants

Provide a list of current grants. Include abstracts, specific aims, and indicate if there is any overlap.

Biographical Sketch

Biographical sketch (using current NIH format) with other support page (5 page maximum). Due to limited space, you can supply a link to your full list of publications

Limited Submission Selection Process

If more than one application is received for this program, peer review will be triggered. Merit review criteria include:

  • Scientific/technical merit
  • Proposed method/approach
  • Applicant’s research performance competence/adequacy of facilities/resources to conduct the proposed research
  • Likelihood research will lead to fundable research and/or publishable work
  • Overall quality of application

Questions: Email LimitedSubmissions@syr.edu

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