Henry Luce Foundation Theology Program Grants: Advancing Public Knowledge on Race, Justice, and Religion in America

The Syracuse University Office of Research is pleased to announce the launch of the Henry Luce Foundation Theology Program Grants: Advancing Public Knowledge on Race, Justice, and Religion in America. Only one applicant will be allowed from Syracuse University. View competition

Sponsor Program Announcement: https://www.hluce.org/programs/theology/grant-categories/
Number of Possible Internal Nominees: 1
Internal Submission Due Date: January 26, 2021, 5:00 PM
Sponsor Deadline: February 15, 2021

A Limited Submission Opportunity (LSO) is a funding opportunity in which the sponsor sets an institutional limit for the number of proposals it will accept. In order to participate in an LSO, Syracuse University must organize to submit our most competitive proposal(s). This requires an internal competition and institutional peer review.

Synopsis of the Program

The Henry Luce Foundation’s Theology Program invites new inquiries for projects seeking to advance public knowledge on the topic of race, justice, and religion in America.

Through competitively-awarded grants, the Luce Foundation aims to support collaborative, experimental, and field-shaping initiatives that enliven the practice of public scholarship on—and promote public understanding of—race, justice, and religion in America. We invite inquiries for projects that seek to rethink received understandings of religion and race in America, to imagine alternative possibilities, and to alter the terms of public discourse.

The Foundation especially encourages the submission of inquiries for projects that will:

  • Revisit and interrogate accepted histories of race and American religion
  • Critically examine connections between religion, racism, and white supremacy
  • Strengthen understanding of the role of religion in movements for racial justice
  • Work across religious, racial, cultural, disciplinary, and/or institutional boundaries
  • Draw on diverse knowledge communities and amplify underrepresented voices
  • Attend to transnational movements, flows, engagements, and influences
  • Deepen and extend efforts to build a more just, equitable, and democratic future

Grants may fund a wide range of possible activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Public-facing humanities and social science scholarship
  • Media initiatives and other forms of public and community engagement
  • Support for early career scholars and emerging public thinkers
  • Creative uses of digital technologies and new publication platforms
  • Multi-institutional collaborations and partnerships of various kinds

Collaborative engagement across sectors and contexts—including religious, academic, media, policy, activist, and/or art communities—is particularly encouraged, and special consideration will be given to proposed projects involving such partnerships.

Funding and award period

Grant amounts of $250,000 to $750,000 will be considered, and approved grants will typically fund projects that can be completed in less than five years.

Application Materials

Applicants must submit a 4-page project description and a summary CV. In the project description, provide the following information:

  • Please briefly describe the project, including its significance, key goals, and principal activities.
  • Explain how the project relates to the priorities and goals of the Luce Foundation’s Theology Program grant opportunity: Advancing Public Knowledge on Race, Justice, and Religion in America
  • Explain how this project relates to your current or previous work or the work undertaken by your team and how it will benefit your work or your team’s work.
  • Explain briefly how the project relates to work in the field generally and will advance the field.
  • Please list anticipated project outcomes and specific deliverables

Limited Submission Selection Process

Each team interested in submitting a Letter of Inquiry to the Luce Foundation must first submit a limited submission proposal. If the number of proposals submitted exceeds the number that the University can submit to the sponsor, peer review will be triggered. Under the peer review process, limited submission applications will be evaluated in several categories, including:

  • the intellectual significance of the proposed project;
  • the quality of the conception, definition, organization, and description of the project and the applicant’s clarity of expression;
  • the feasibility of the proposed plan of work;
  • the quality or promise of quality of the applicant;
  • the likelihood that the applicant will complete the project.

The PIs of projects selected to move forward with full proposals will be notified by email in early February. Per the foundation’s restrictions, no more than one submission may be submitted by Syracuse University.

PI Responsibilities

If a proposal is selected and the PI or team decides to forgo an application, they must notify the Office of Research within five days of the selection notice. This allows another proposal to be selected and move forward. If the PI fails to submit a proposal and has not notified the Office of Research, the PI runs the risk of being disqualified from future LSO competitions.

PI Eligibility

For any sponsored research projects, the applicant must be eligible to serve as Principal Investigator for the project, unless otherwise noted in the LSO. Please see our PI Eligibility requirements to ensure you are eligible.

Questions: Email LimitedSubmissions@syr.edu