Visiting Scholars Request Guidance

***Updated November 16, 2020 with clarification on definition of Visiting Scholar and links to New York State and Syracuse University protocols.

As part of the numerous health and safety precaution efforts undertaken by Syracuse University since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, University researchers and administrators seeking to host a visiting scholar must complete a Visiting Scholar Request. Visiting scholars are those who are coming to Syracuse University campus from outside of the Central New York region for the purpose of long-term academic research and scholarship and who will remain on campus for longer than one week.

The request must be completed by the University member who will serve as the host for the scholar. Before completing the request, you must review the regularly updated guidance provided by New York State for travel and quarantining before arriving on campus. You must also familiarize yourself with the University’s continually updated Return to Campus Plan for Faculty and Staff, specifically the sections on Health and Safety Guidance and Workplace Distancing Guidance.

The host may be a faculty member, department chair, center or institute director, or other type of administrator. The request must detail the following:

  • host name, title, department, email
  • visitor name, address, email, cell phone telephone number, and local contact number
  • mode of travel to Syracuse University
  • duration of stay
  • anticipated arrival date
  • location where visitor will quarantine – please review continually updated New York State COVID-19 Travel Advisory for home locations which require quarantine and quarantine guidelines
  • a brief description of the purpose of the visit
  • a description of campus facilities to be accessed during the visitor’s stay – including buildings, room numbers, equipment
  • a description of how required social distancing and room occupancy limits will be maintained, including instituting the need for room calendaring, for example.

Any potential host with questions about whether a particular scholar’s visit will be allowed should confer first with their department chair and associate dean for research (ADR),or relevant academic unit leadership. Once discussed with unit leadership, please complete this application. Applications will then be routed electronically to the appropriate chair and ADR for their review and recommendations. These comments will then be routed to the interim vice president for research (VPR) for final review.

If approved by the interim VPR, a confirmation will be sent to the potential host, chair, and ADR, with instructions to work with the school or college to prepare for the visitor. This may include arranging physical space on campus and securing an appointment letter, SUID, and SU email for your visiting scholar. Departmental or unit staff may refer to How to Create a Sponsored Associate Account for procedural guidance for long-term visiting scholars (i.e. greater than a week). This process will likely include the involvement of the college or unit IT and/or FAST Coordinator.

If your visiting scholar is international, information regarding your scholar’s visit will be provided to the Office of University Council for Export Control Review.

Approval must be provided by the VPR before the visiting scholar travels to campus.

Please allow at least 5 business days for the Visiting Scholar Request to process for approval.

You may access the Visiting Scholar Request on the Syracuse University Application Portal here: