Student Research Mentors

Student research mentors (SRMs) play a vital role in the vibrant life of undergraduate research and creative work at Syracuse University and are especially integral to the student governance of The SOURCE. SRMs serve in paid student employee positions as peer mentors to students in all phases of the research and creative process, assist with SOURCE planning, outreach, programs, and office tasks, and design and implement their own project to foster undergraduate research.

Student Research Mentors

Matt Disbrow portraitMatthew Disbrow ’21
College of Arts and  Sciences | Psychology and Neuroscience
Autism research with Prof. Natalie Russo (Psychology) and neuroscience research with Prof. Sandra Hewett (Biology).
Hometown: Salisbury, Maryland
Hobbies: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Justine Hastings portraitJustine Hastings ’21
College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education | English and Textual Studies, Secondary English Education
Documentary film as a pedagogical tool with Prof. Kelly Chandler-Olcott (Education) and Prof. Roger Hallas (English); research assistant for Engaged Humanities initiative with Prof. Brice Nordquist (Writing and Rhetoric).
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Hobbies: reading, music, filmmaking

Student Research Mentor Alumni

Caroline Baggeroer portraitCaroline Baggeroer ’20
College of Arts and Science | Biology and Neuroscience
Neuroscience research on influence of neurotoxicants on expression of essential transporters in the brain with Prof. Sandra Hewett.

Jordan Barrett portraitJordan Barrett ’18
College of Arts and Sciences | Physics and Mathematics
Mathematics and physics research with multiple mentors.


Marissa Brown portraitMarissa Brown ’20
College of Arts and Sciences | Biology and Neuroscience | McNair Scholars Program
Psychology research on the relationship between ADHD symptoms in young adults to abilities for empathy and emotion regulation with Prof. Kevin Antshel.

Ohemaa Dixon portraitOhemaa Dixon ’20
College of Visual and Performing Arts | Art Photography
Arts research on the French Republic and black art collection in France with Prof. Laura Heyman.


Katelyn Eaton portraitKatelyn Eaton ’20
College of Visual and Performing Arts | Acting
Production and premiere of an original work of gig theater, “The Domestic,” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, working with Prof. Joseph Whelan.

Colleen Ferguson portraitColleen Ferguson ’19
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications | Newspaper and Online Journalism | Renée Crown University Honors Program
Journalism project focused on how deep-rooted cultural barriers complicate mental health treatment for Latinx college students, with Prof. Harriet Brown.

Charlotte Howard portraitCharlotte Howard ’20
College of Visual and Performing Arts | Art Photography
Photography exhibition exploring the landscape and dark history of Jeju Island, a popular tourist destination in South Korea, with Prof. Laura Heyman.

Myles Morgan portraitMyles Morgan ’20
College of Arts and Sciences | Biology and Neuroscience, Pre-Medical Track
The loss of system xc- and its influence on the seizure threshold; neuroscience research with Prof. Sandra Hewett.

Charles Schauer portraitCharles Schauer ’19
College of Arts and Sciences | Biochemistry
Renée Crown University Honors Program
Research on the therapeutic efficacy of low-frequency ultrasound with adjuvant chemotherapy with Prof. Tom Fondy.

Amanda Shaughnessy portraitAmanda Shaughnessy ’19
Whitman School of Management | Accounting and Finance
Research on the operational trends from the 1980s onward that contributed to rapid changes in the US domestic auto industry, with Prof. Julie Niederhoff.