Can I still conduct travel for my sponsored research project? Will I be reimbursed for cancelled travel?

Impacts from COVID-19 on sponsored project related travel will vary. Federal guidance on these matters is still developing, and we are providing the most current information available. The National Science Foundation (NSF) guidance and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) guidance have both been issued in the form of FAQs specifically addressing the COVID-19 outbreak, and how to address grant related travel interruptions or cancellations. Speaking broadly, if travel or conference hosting plans have not yet been made, we recommend temporarily postponing these events to a future date once the COVID-19 crisis has passed. If travel was a requirement of the sponsored project, your program manager should be alerted to the delay and their guidance sought in coordination with the Office of Sponsored Programs.

For the updated information on all University travel, see the University’s Coronavirus Travel Guidance page.