If I am not supposed to come to campus, what do I do about my ongoing and planned research projects?

For currently active projects, researchers are required to discontinue campus-based research activities and when possible move all non-essential lab research to home/online modalities. Researchers must postpone the start of any new data collection activities that cannot be carried out remotely until further notice.

All non-essential campus-based research activity must pause, and essential research activities conducted in campus-based facilities scaled back to a minimum. Effective immediately, no more than 2 people from any lab should occupy the lab at one time. These individuals should be those who have not traveled outside of Syracuse area within last 14 days. Those that remain must be conducting essential research activities only.

Approval for the continuation of essential research activities must be received by the Vice President of Research from your Department Chair and Associate Dean for Research. Please submit your disclosure of essential research activities here.